Kays Curling new and refurbished curling stones are the benchmark
against which all other curling stones are judged.

It is the resilience and molecular makeup of Ailsa Craig Common Green granite, as well as its proven track record, that creates some of the distinctive characteristics to our complete Ailsa Craig curling stones.

To create the best curling stones you require the finest materials and to this end we harvested 1500 tons from Ailsa Craig of the Common Green Granite and 270 tons of Ailsa Craig Blue Hone so as to satisfy our customers’ demands.

Our Kays Curling stones are made by matching the characteristics of these different granites and combining them enables us to produce the world class competition curling stones.

Over the years our craftsmen have researched the most suitable granites for the various parts of the curling stone.

This extensive research proved that Ailsa Craig Blue Hone granite is the most reliable and proven to be the only EFFECTIVE material for the stone’s running edge on todays modern ice.

The Ailsa Craig Common Green Granite is used for the body of the stone because its unique structure is more resistant to heat transfer, it copes better with condensation and does not splinter after contact with another stone in play, all of which badly affect Blue trefor curling stones.

The Blue Hone insert is fitted to the Ailsa Craig Common Green stone body, a technique we have perfected and called "Ailserts".

Throughout the manufacturing process each stone is subject to numerous quality checks to ensure they meet the highest quality standards.


Buying a set of Kays Curling stones for your rink is the right decision for numerous reasons...

Ailsa Craig Common Green Granite curling stones are the bespoke choice for your curling club or association.

Manufactured to the highest possible quality to provide years of reliable and consistent performance.

All stones feature 2 new Ailsa Craig Blue Hone Ailserts, one on each side of the stone including the Olympic Specification 8mm cups.

Our new stones are so good they were chosen to be used in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

Kays Curling produced the curling stones used in the last 5 Winter Olympic Games.

As a small company we are proud of this achievement and feel it is testament to the quality stones we produce.


Full market value for your old stones when traded in against Kays Olympic standard stones.

Stones with a running band not made from Blue Hone granite will pit and will compromise the stones performance.
Ensure that when investing in new stones you benefit from our years of experience and unique access to the best of materials.


Kays Curling can provide you with high quality refurbished curling stones.

Refurbished curling stones can be an excellent choice as they offer value for money at the same time as having had a full health check as to their performance.

Depending on your requirements we can discuss the upgrading during the refurbishment process of the running bands.

We will work with you to match your facility with the best,
and most affordable, curling stones.

KAYS CURLING - Manufacturer and supplier of the best curling stones in the world made from Ailsa Craig Granite.